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Sightseeing and tourist places in Rhodes, Dodecanese Greece.

Sightseeing in Rhodes

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Rhodes Medieval city rises like "a country within a country" right in the center of cosmopolitan Rhodes town offering an endless source of sightseeing.

Majestic Towers and very high walls give you the impression of a large castle from the time of Knighthood, that come in contrast with the Minarets that remind you of the passing of the Turks from the island.

The palace of the Grand Magistros, decorated with statues from the 2nd and 1st B.C., mosaics from Kos and wooden carvings that with the intervention from the Italians later on, changes to a glamorous and artful building/ construction and leads its visitor to another dreamlike era.

At the square of Simi, the reconstructed building that accommodates the National Art Gallery of the island. Works of painters, sculptures and carvers of the 20th century are exhibited. The temple of immaculate non-comparative beauty-the temple of Afrodite, decorates the square. The Italians once again come to leave their tracks, placing behind the temple, an old Christian Baptist church built on the 5th - 6th century from fire proof rock.

Following the pebbly roads and passing by the Medieval buildings, with imposing gates and alleys, you discover that this city with the modern shopping malls, is living simultaneously in two different eras, leaving the visitor speechless and full of admiration in an endless journey in time.


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