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History of Rhodes

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History of Rhodes
Rhodes or else Heliousa is an island rich with myths and restless history. Ruler of all the islands of the Aegean Sea for a very long period of time.

Its continuously growing economy from commerce (with a monopoly in the Mediterranean Sea and the Euxine Pontos Sea) and its connection with the whole world, had led, some of the largest cities such as Lindos- and Ialyssos to create their own currency during the 6th century B.C. in order to make the transactions with the island easier.

From 491 B.C. during the revolting of the Ionian cities and for a long period of time the Persians tried to conquer it: without managing it.

During the Median wars, Rhodes joined with the A΄ Athenian alliance (478-477 B.C.) and participated also with the B΄ Athenian Alliance (377 B.C.), which was dissolved after the Alliance war. In the middle of 4th century B.C. a new force was present in the Greek area. A new power, the Macedonians, originally ruled by Phillip the 2nd and later by Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.).

After his death the Greek cities started reacting, so thus Rhodes managed to overthrow the Macedonian Rule. They denied alliances and they tried with an independent politic to maintain the normal flow of commerce and shipping of the island. At 305 B.C., Dimitrios the conqueror attacks Rhodes, conquering it for a year. The Rhodians resist with Existero in charge and win the rival fleet. Finally they came to an agreement making . This made Rhodes stronger amongst the strongest of that time. After the massive natural disasters that almost fully destroyed the island, comes the Roman Empire to undergrade her to a Roman suburb and later to include her to the Eastern Roman empire.

During the Middle Ages and after the 4th Crusade, the islands fell under the reign of the Unitians . except for Rhodes, which was declared independent. The island does not stay in this condition for long; it is conquered by Genoaites and later falls in the hands of "Knights of Rhodes". The Knights petalion rules the island for 213 years, when it falls under the Ottoman reign, with a lot of outrageous incidents taking place.

After the Balkan wars the Rhodians fell under the rule of Italians but after the Treaty of Losanne (1912) the island had to surrender to the Turks.

After several public polls and protests, it was decided that the Dodecanese be handed over to Greece except from Rhodes, but at 1923 Italy became again the ruler of the Dodecanese. Later during 1943 after the arrest of Mussolini, Mandolio took over the government- and came to an agreement with the Allies. The Germans though captured Rhodes until 1945 when they retreated leaving it with a massive negative effects in its economy. The time had finally come for the island of the Sun God to return to the ones that it rightfully belongs to, the Greeks.


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