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The Island of Kos Greece

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Kos offers magnificent beauty. Besides its breath taking golden sandy beaches, the island is also steeped in monuments, remnants from its glorious past, making it the ideal holiday destination, not only as a choice between other Greek Islands but on a worldwide scale.

Kos has much more than just the sea and sun to offer. It is also ideal for educational or school trips, (rich in history and famous since mythological times), scientific, hiking or mountain climbing, rural, curative or therapeutic, religious and athletic tourism and it also boasts some of the most advanced conference centres in the world as well as a modern Marina.

Most tour operators offer fantastic deals for visiting Kos, especially in the summer months. It should be noted however that quite a number of hotels are open all year round and many people prefer to to visit during the peaceful period, the rather mild winter months. Kos is readily accessible and the versatility of the Internet now provides more freedom for the individual, allowing you to search for cheap flights and book your holiday accommodation online with no middle man involved. You can search for and book cheap flights to and from Kos and anywhere in the world using the flight search form provided on the right. The rule of thumb is that the sooner you book, the cheaper the ticket.

So, discover the magic of Kos, the island of Hippocrates who was the first medical doctor in the world, the castle of the Knights of the order of Saint John, discover unparalleled beauty and why Cleopatra herself visited Kos and start living the holiday of a life time on the exciting and beautiful island of Kos!


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